“To walk with and support those recovering from a life of dysfunction, assisting with life skills and empowering the individual to establish a foundation of truth on which they can build a life of significance”


  • Our facilities are centred around Christ’s heart for people and will be non-denominational.
  • Our  programs develop life skills for men, women and children that is evidenced through the lives of the staff and volunteers.
  • Our partnerships are with complimentary organisations, businesses, educational facilities and individuals that want to be part of the change.
  • Our integrity is paramount in all that we do, our relationships internally and externally will always be transparent and honourable.
  • Board members and staff will continue to be Christian in their values and their lifestyle.
  • Our mandate is not to proselytise but to meet people appropriately at their place of need.
  • Our volunteers will conduct their activities and lifestyles in a way that is attractive and in accordance with Christian values and relationships


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