To reduce recidivism (the cycle of returning to prison through reoffending).

To assist those that have been through the prison system with accommodation and employment.

To reconcile broken and dysfunctional families.

To bring an end to child abuse.

To see communities grow and benefit through the rehabilitation of offenders.

To partner with organisations and individuals that have a heart to see the lost restored, families reconciled and prisoners set free to find hope in their lives and contribute to the lives of others.

To break the generational cycle of dysfunction in families.


Countless studies and the experience of those who work with prisoners show the following problems traditionally associated with the release of a prisoner:

lack of understanding of available social security benefits;
difficulty in finding employment;
drug and other use;
disintegration of the family unit;
physical health problems arising from incarceration and domestic violence; and
depression from years of incarceration.

Re-offending occurs at the rate of between 41% – 45% in Australian states, 62% of those in prison have served at least one prison sentence previously.

Recidivism brings with it a high social and economic cost for the community. The cost to the taxpayer for Corrective Services in NSW last year was in excess of $1,223,000,000.00.

Studies show that ongoing rehabilitation can reduce the rate of recidivism from between 32% – 36% however, a rehabilitation program alone has a success rate of less than 7%.


Immediately Prior To Release

In anticipation of a prisoner’s release, PASS workers, in conjunction with those working in and around the prison system, would approach prisoners to ascertain their willingness to receive assistance upon release.

Needs Assessment Undertaken

  • Psychological
  • Financial
  • Domestic

 Immediately upon release

PASS shall provide the following goods and services to newly released prisoners:


  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Cash payments
  • Assist in undertake available social security benefits


Total detoxification: Assist people get off drugs of addiction.


In the first months after release PASS shall provide the following services:

Training and Education

Vocationally-based training

  • Employment
  • Numeracy/Literacy
  • Computer
  • Teach Life skills
    • eg communication skills
    • coping skills
    • Financial skills
      • eg budgets
      • Relationships with family and others
        • Anger management
        • Conflict resolution


Counselling Services

Recovery & Relapse Prevention programme

  • Mentoring


PASS has a desire to see ex-offenders succeed in a full and significant life throughout their life journey.


PASS proposes to provide the above benefits to prisoners through a multi-faceted programme essentially operated by specialists out of a main facility.